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5 more things that I have learned in 2019

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I did spoke about the 8 things and i thought putting all of them in one place would be too many, so i left these 5 behind.

But here we go,

1- I don’t know a lot of stuffs

Life is just surprising, as long as you are still living, you still have to learn. Like I didn’t know there are switches where you can change the road lights, I saw them for the first time when I was in Mwanza.
I was shocked. As long as we are still living, we can still learn and discover things we didn’t know about before.

2- Sometimes I am the one who needs to change

A good friend of mine has a cool WhatsApp about… It says,’ something needs to change, and maybe its me’.
It is so easy to point fingers these days, something wrong we find someone to blame and we are sin free. But hey, what if we are equally stubborn, what if we need to take responsibilities for our actions, what if we need to change? We are not perfect, we are human, so that is what i have learned this year.

3- I am a human being

This year, I had my first therapy session, and a struggling relationship with God. This year has been challenging and eventful.
One thing that I have learnt as a Christian, who has a blog and is very outspoken is that it is very easy to define myself by what I do, than to just be.

You know they say, ‘be kind to yourself’ and all those encouraging words, this is the year that they finally sunk in. I am a human being, let me just be, and not hustle to do.

4- Surrender


I love that word!

Living what it means though, is a different story. That doesn’t come with my love for that word.


Sounds liberating.

It actualy is liberating to surrender, you know. I have stopped trying to figure life out, or people. People will change, life will change, my job is to live in, with and through the changes.

For now, that’s what surrender means to me. God knows the beginning and the end, don’t stress.

5- It’s not about me

Sometimes people treat us badly, and we don’t deserve it. I think most of the times it is easy to look and say it is our fault, we are doing something wrong.
But this year, okay wait, my therapist taught me to see from that person’s angle.

Or let’s start with me, sometimes i don’t treat people good, maybe one monday morning, and it has nothing to do with them, maybe i was pissed off at home, i just carried that anger to work. You know..

So maybe what people do to me it has absolutely nothing to do with me, it has everything to do with them, how they deal with issues, how they struggle and sometimes it is their way of crying for help, but because am no psychologist, I don’t know, I take it personally.

So I have learned to see from other people’s perspective, and it’s more for understanding than to disregard the way they made me feel. Its more for knowing that I am not crazy, they are doing this because of this and that and it made me feel this and that.

We always think it’s about us, but hey, just as you think it is about you, the other person is also thinking it is about them. We are all selfish that way, which is a good way, because then you realize everyone is thinking of themselves, and life doesn’t revolve around you.

So that’s it, 13 life lessons I got from 2019.
The other 8 can be found HERE.

2020, bring more lessons please!!
Just don’t let me learn them the hard way, or whatever!!

Happy new year in advance??

What have you learned in 2019?
Share with me please!



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