Pata majibu ya maswali yako yote kuhusu maisha ya chuoni na changamoto zake

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Eunice Tossy  

Live each day as it comes and have fun : A tribute to Tadiwa

I have been thinking about my friend I lost in 2018.

Tadiwa Chisi died in a car accident on spot. No goodbye, nothing he’s gone. I have been thinking lately of his life and what he went through in his life. You see Tadiwa had a rare internal bleeding condition. One small injury and his body could shut down immediately.

I first knew him from high school but we didn’t see him much. He was always in and out of school. Until the one time he had to home school till we wrote our O’s. We weren’t close back then I just knew him as a school mate. Fast forward to 2016 we met again (fate) and he was like why not catch on the past days. Sure why not?!

Now here’s the story, Tadiwa was also in good spirits, joyful and adventurous. You could see that he’s in pain but never did he ever mention it unless it was a serious case. He still had to be in hospital, take a lot of meds and sometimes we wouldn’t find the medication so that meant he had to chill at home. I’m sure he would have adapted well in this normal.

What stuck with me is that he always said do you know I could die any day? Let’s do something fun each day. I tried to keep up but if I’m being honest sometimes I would just slack on plans. I’m glad he had fun, explored and just enjoyed life. This had me thinking Tadiwa thought he would die one day in a hospital bed but no, God had other plans.

The reason why I shared this is because we should learn to live life even though there’s nothing threatening our life. I’m sure if Tadiwa wasn’t in the same situation he might have never thought of it. Live life because tomorrow is never guaranteed. I’m not saying live a reckless life, don’t plan for the future but take each day as it comes. Then last but not least important, be grateful for the life you’ve now. It’s easier to complain than give thanks but with praises and gratitude, more blessings will come.

As always let my stories be an eye-opener to you.

Written by Kudzanai Matilda Kurotwi, blogger at

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7 thoughts on “Live each day as it comes and have fun : A tribute to Tadiwa

  1. Takudzwanashe

    This is a beautiful tribute

    1. Eunice Tossy

      I agree. a very beautiful life he lived

  2. Omadang

    Sad. But thanks for the story, indeed it’s an eye opener.

    1. Eunice Tossy

      I agree. it’s a reminder to live life one day at a time

  3. Samuel Casa

    Very sad story. We need to always keep ready

    1. Eunice Tossy

      i agree, and to live life effectively in the days we have

      1. Samuel Casa


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