Pata majibu ya maswali yote uliyonayo kuhusu maisha ya chuo na changamoto zake

Dondoo za Maisha,  Maisha ya kila siku

Things to do at home during this lockdown

In Tanzania we are not really in lockdown, so these ideas might be useful for those who are in full lockdown.

Even though we are not in lockdown, we take precautions, like don’t take unnecessary trips and all that, so yeah am sort of at home most of the times (all of the time). My mom is at home, she is a teacher and schools are closed.

How are my days like you ask..

Well, I woke up at 10 am today. I usually wake up at 7 or 8 or 9.

Had breakfast.

Prepared lunch.

Went to bed, was on Twitter, Instagram and Googled stuffs a lot.

Watched Netflix.

Then ate dinner. You realize am talking about now right?

I said I am gonna apply for some gigs (I call jobs, gigs) today, but I haven’t. Somedays I am just tired.

You realize I haven’t mentioned that I bathed right? After this, I promise.

That’s pretty much how my today went, most days during this pandemic have been like this. But somedays I,

Read a Book

– I workout

– I chat with friends

– I think a lot, about what this is teaching me

And I have created these Coronavirus self reflection prompts for deep thinkers as a result.

– I take online course. I did take one about Coronavirus on March I think, I wanted to understand the disease more.

– I am RESTING. We all need to rest as humans, so if anything maybe Coronavirus gave us a guilty free opportunity to do so, and I am using it.

But I haven’t done any of the above today, and it’s okay. Everyday is not Monday. Maybe tomorrow I will have the energy to take an online course or write a blogpost in the morning, or make a YouTube video even, but if I won’t, it is okay. I shouldn’t be hard on myself, we all deal with this differently.

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How is your day like?


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