About Eunice

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Mambo, I am Eunice, I am so so glad that you are here.

I am a devoted lover of ice cream, conversation, music, books, travelling… and chipsi mayai, sunset, social justice and the list goes on and on and on.

I was born and raised in Tanzania, I love travelling because I get to see how huge, different and similar the world is and I get to learn new languages in turn which is something I love as well.

Matter of fact, Here are 23 weird things about me.

I created this blog because I believe we are the same, I believe we all go through some stuffs in life, and we all want growth in different areas of our lives as well…  We are all on this journey called life together, we all discover and learn..

I created this blog because I have questions and things that I have learned in life, and because I love writing I thought I could put both in words. Because I love writing I though this place could be a safe space that could remind you that you are not alone when you are going through all the ups and downs of life, that you are loved, seen and supported.

I write to spark conversations but also to remind us about what we forget most of the times, that we are not alone in our experiences, that we all go through the same. At the end of the day we all bleed the same. That we all want the same things out of life.

So in this blog you will read about:

I know, all over the place, just like the way I’m off screen.

I hope this blog make your thoughts feel at home, make your curiosity feel welcomed and bring joy and comfort in your life somehow. I hope this blog makes you feel seen, heard and supported.

Again thank you for being here, I hope you stay a little bit longer.

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