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Eunice Tossy  

Maybe we secretly believe men can’t change

A friend of mine advised me sometime ago, and he said, ‘ hustle with your man when he has nothing, and when he earns in life, he will respect you, even though he will cheat with other women, you will be his number one’.

Have you ever been in a situation where someone starts to make sense and then they mess it up by adding something that make you forget all the sane things they said??

It was me that day.

And I don’t know if it is just this season of my life or what, but I have given up on trying to change people.

If you say something, my response is, I understand where you are coming from, I understand your perspective.

And that’s all I say these days..

But honestly maybe the world has given up on the idea of a faithful man, wait, before we go there…

There are so many seminars for women and few to none for men.

This is good, however most of them teach women how to bend to an unchanging man.

If we are all disciples of Christ, weren’t we all supposed to be learning Christ’s ways?

Aren’t we all suppose to be changing, growing to become more like Christ?

Then why it is only women who are taught to change day in and day out?

Maybe we have accepted how men are, and we secretly believe they won’t change, but women can, women want marriage, they can change anything to achieve that.

All am saying is, the world is filled with men and women, to make it better, both of us need to change…

I asked one guy what was the secret to their marriage, and he told me, learning.

No lie we grew up with passed on information about life, and how our people did their lives, is that the same way we want to do our lives? Will that work for us?

I think a man doesn’t have to fit in the masculine ideas passed on by his uncles, that’s how the uncles decided to live their lives. Learn how to live yours as well.

Families are built by men and women, to sustain ad nourish families, both need the knowledge and changes.

Society are made of men and women, both need to be changing, to be faithful, to work on a better society..

Men need to learn from other men who are good examples..

More seminars for men please..


6 thoughts on “Maybe we secretly believe men can’t change

  1. Charli Dee

    Love this post!! The beginning is so funny! ? I actually hear a lot of the opposite! I hear that successful men often leave the women who were by their sides the entire time! I agree with you completely though Sis! We tend to learn through observation, so we learn by example! Like you said, we are supposed to be learning from Christ’s example, and Men are supposed to love their wives like Christ loved the Church. That’s actually said repeatedly throughout the New Testament. I believe God knew we would have this issue. Also, boys need men willing to be good examples so they know how treat a wife, and women need to see examples of loving relationships, so they know what to look for in a husband. Thankyou for talking about this important topic!

    1. Eunice Tossy

      Oh! I have heard about that as well..

      So true.. You said my point so well.. I was actually struggling to put this in words, and you did so effortlessly.. So true sis, 100% right!

    2. Eunice Tossy

      BTW, still working on the Sunshine blogger awards post… Realized that since I started blogging, I don’t read a lot of blogs, so I have given myself time to read so that I can also recommend some good bloggers..

      I still remember, and thank you because you gave me time to read from some amazing minds!

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