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Here’s how women can achieve financial independence


This is for every woman around the world.

We are all created beautiful in our own ways but the problem comes to others who use their beauty in a wrong way for different reasons.

It starts from this point of being self aware of who you are and what position you stand in life. It is because of lack of self awareness where most women end up in troubles and sufferings. Today our eyes will start viewing life from a different angle. We got to shift our mindsets from the life of being financially dependent to financially independent.

You must now be asking yourself on how can you can do this ?

It may seem hard to become financially free in regards to the levels of life that most of women live.

Most are housewives, poor, uneducated and don’t possess any recognized talents hence grouping themselves in depending on what spouses or parents provide, and for those with no parents find themselves doing things they never dreamed of doing like prostitution and drug dealing.

But I tell you, you have a 100% chance of being financially independent.

It just requires you one thing, to get smarter with your money.

I know most will defend themselves that they earn little in their deals, but I tell you, your earnings can multiply if and only if you get smarter with your money.

Most of us really try hard to save what we earn (which is well and good) but the return from the savings you make is dramatically dissatisfying and in the end we just remain with the option of consuming the saved amount.

Get smarter with your money 💰 by investing smartly.

I can’t tell you exactly where to invest but my advice is for you to invest in entrepreneurship.

Have a look at the world’s richest people, they’re all entrepreneurs.

The problem may be on the decision on what business to invest?

Well, it is easy, before channeling your funds in any business, you should do the following:

1. Conduct research on what people need most in that particular place and allocate proper price for that commodity in a way that you will get profit without pinching the incomes of your customers.

Do research on people doing similar business in that area, identity their strengths and weaknesses and advance on their strengths and focus on beating them in terms of getting better from their weaknesses.

With this approach, I am telling you, you will never remain financially dependent even if the business you do is selling groundnuts on the bus station.

One thing you should always know is to start where you are, with what you have (capital), it doesn’t matter if it is even Tzs 10,000/=

The little will multiply itself to big, only if you have business self discipline and commitment.

Don’t bother looking for millions of capital, the Tzs 2000/= is enough to start a business.

Get your 2000/=, go to the market buy a bunch of maize, collect firewood on the field, boil the maize and place them on the bus station.

There’s no one who won’t support a woman who strives to earn her living, believe me or not, you will get profit with which as days go by, you will be able to expand your business to advanced levels businesses.

The problem with most women, we do not want to toil and start from small, but success is a gradual process, we should all know this.

We can become successful and financially independent without engaging in illegal dealings if and only if we become smarter with our money and start small from where we are, having business self discipline and commitment.


Written by Grace Nakomolwa, she is an entrepreneur and a youth advocate
Ig, Fb, Twitter: Grace Nakomolwa
Contact: +255673009992,

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