Pata majibu ya maswali yote uliyonayo kuhusu maisha ya chuo na changamoto zake

Maisha ya kila siku

Do you love the natural you?

(I should’ve mentioned on the title that this is gonna be a talk about hair.)

The first time I did put on a wig, it was for a send off party. I was in college. And I didn’t get rid of it for a week, it covered my ears and I couldn’t hear well, so I thought I might get killed by a motorcycle or a car, cause when I was in town my friends were the ones telling me that I am on the way of a motorcycle, I couldn’t hear a thing.

I got rid of it, and I don’t think I will ever wear a wig/weave again, my first time wasn’t pleasant.

I honestly don’t think that it is bad for women to wear wigs. However I have couple issues that we need to deal with before getting there..

A friend of mine once told me that she wears wig to hide her natural hair, that’s issues number one.

Do we love our natural hair?

Like without straightening them with chemicals, do we love them?

I think your hair is your identity, I think hair makes a person, who she is, and because our hair is quite different from white people, it is our identity.

It is what makes us different from Mexican, European, Asian and etc. Do we embrace it? Or do we try to hide it because it doesn’t fit the box?

By the box I mean the European beauty standard. As women we have been introduced to European beauty standard so much that we think it is the norm. When it comes to hair, eyes, body and etc, we think they are the standard, and we need to live up to it.

And the bad thing about them is that, their standard is not permanent, it keeps on changing and moreover they sometimes copy us.. Like how Kim K tries to copy our styles from hair to body features, and when she makes it the norm then we also start to embrace it as if we didn’t have it beforehand. Did we need a white person to set the standard? European beauty standard?

Sometimes I wonder maybe we straighten our hair for that reason as well, cause their hair is straight so we want to be like them.

We need to know that we are different, and unique, and beauty comes in different faces, and expressions. No one way is the standard.

We all represent God in our differences, similarities and the way we naturally are.

Do we know that? That we carry the glory of God the way we are?

Do we know that when God created us He said,’ it is good’ when we didn’t even know what hair extension meant?

Do we know that He died for us just the way we are?

I don’t think it is wrong to wear a wig, but it should not be because you hate the natural you, it shouldn’t be because your hiding the natural you.

Issue number two, let’s talk about the cost of being a woman.

There are so many do’s and don’t’s to being a woman. And it seems like it is in the quest to control women some how. Secretly I think women go to a great struggle to try to attract attention to themselves, maybe growing up that is all we have taught to seek. Do we really do make up and fix our hair for 2-3 hours for ourselves (as an act of self care or self expression as individuals) or it is because we want attention?

Or is it because they say a woman with short hair is less attractive than a woman with long hair?

Or is it because every woman does that, It is what is expected for women?

I have friends who are tired of the weight they carry on their heads, but they can’t shave their heads because somehow it is not culturally appropriate… You know for a woman to be bald. And people say these things openly, I often wonder how much we don’t live in freedom and do what we desire because of the society rules that we try to follow, the society rules that hold us in bondage.

I think a woman should be free to glorify God the way she loves, feel free to, and the way she thinks is the best way possible, whether you wear a wig, natural hair or bald, just do it out of love. For yourself and for God.

The real question that we should start to ask ourselves is, do we love the natural us?

Without make up, and all these accessories?

Cause that is more important than the outward adornment.

Cause if we do, then we don’t put on these accessories because we hate ourselves or are trying to hide our natural selves.

By the way, I am shaving my head today! So excited about it!



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