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Eunice Tossy  

Not Your Average Love story : How I found love in 10 steps

Do you ever think back and wonder about the events that had to happen just for you to meet your significant other? I do, almost every time, I met her in the most unimaginable and unplanned way possible and whenever we recall the events together it just sounds like one of those Disney fairytale stories. I think it is, and if I were to write a story on how I met her it would be titled “A tale of 2 Fulls.” But, more on that later on. Today let’s talk about The unplanned steps to finding the other full.

Disclaimer: I”m writing this while I’m looking at one of her pictures, the creativity in this is fully coming from her beautiful face. 

I have heard stories of people finding love most weirdly, from finding love at funerals to finding love in war zones or just your classic Hollywood tale of bumping into each other and falling in love. Yeah, our story does fit somewhere in between those, but even more interesting. Our story involves; A hacker, Afrobloggers community, Tenet(yes the movie), and Star sign with a sprinkle of an ignored text. 

Here it goes….

The unplanned steps to finding the other full

Step one: Join the Afrobloggers community 

It was the year 2020 Pre-corona, I just got introduced to the world of blogging and instantly fell in love with my newly found passion. It was a really exciting experience, and what made it more exciting was the positive feedback I was getting. Then, I had a eureka moment when I heard of the Afroblogger community, well I did not hesitate I instantly joined their WhatsApp group as this was an opportunity to expand my audience.

Step two: Add an amazingly unique feature to your blog 

After joining the Afroblogger’s WhatsApp group, it was too time to show them my blog but seeing at some of the amazing blogs others were sharing, I went back to the drawing board and I came up with an idea to add a quiz option in case some of the readers may not know what to read on the blog; the quiz would guide them. Thereafter, I shared my blog link and it did catch the attention of one of the bloggers. He/She came into my DMs and asked how I implemented the quiz feature. This was a very difficult question to answer because I did not know how to explain it in simple terms so I just decided to not reply. Yes, this was the ignored text. 

Step three: Be Curious

I think one of my best and worst traits is my curiosity. This has gotten me in a lot of problems but also gotten me out of a lot of problems, I guess it balances out. It was this same curiosity that introduced me to her. The one whose picture I’m looking at, yeah she is that beautiful. Her blog got hacked and my curiosity plus my kind helping ass led me to assist her in recovering her website. However, she happened to be the same person whose message I didn’t reply to. What were the odds? 

Step Four: Know your star signs 

Yeah, I never thought my obsession with star signs when I was 12 years old would come back to help be the icebreaker. Her blog was back to life and by the amount of “Thank You” she was sending me, she was so excited about it, it reached a point I was out of replies to her “Thank you.” However, I felt it wasn’t enough for her, so she decided to call me. To me, this was just supposed to be a 10-15 minutes call and we are done. Things turned out differently. In the first few minutes, it was awkward, we asked each other pretty basic questions. But, it was until she told me her birthday and my star signs knowledge just came out and I was like “You are Taurus” and that kicked off the conversation. We talked about star signs for like 40 mins. Ohh and one more thing make sure you are a Virgo. 

Step Five: Watch Tenet 

Yes, Tenet the movie. After our conversation about star signs and even checking how compatible our signs are, we moved on to talking about movies. Yes, I had to ask her about tenet, I had no one to talk to about tenet, most of my friends hadn’t watched it yet. This was my jackpot to find someone to talk about Tenet with. Unfortunately, she hadn’t watched it either, but on the bright side, she was willing to watch it. She told me to give her 24 hours. Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s how we ended up planning for a second call.

note: Our first call was 1 hour long and after it was done, I felt so good which was a weird feeling. I just talked to a stranger for 1 hour and it felt good. I wanted more of it. 

Second call: She called again, I have never been so excited for a call like the way I was. I remember her first words “Dude, Dude what was that?” That’s when I knew she had just watched the most confusing movie of 2020. She was so excited explaining her views of the movie, and well that made me excited too. For months I had been looking to have a conversation about Tenet with someone. However, no one around me had watched it. It just happened to be the blogger girl whose website was hacked. It was amazing hearing her unique interpretation of Tenet. I think I had butterflies in my stomach just listening to her explanation.

As quoted in TENET, This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship

brown steel letter b wall decor

Step Six: A Beautiful Friendships

I got myself a new friend, my first online friend. After the second call, that’s when I knew I’m not gonna let go of this blogger girl. She went from a girl I blue ticked to the girl I can not stay 3 hours without talking to. One thing I really like and that made me more hooked to her is that she understood my sense of humor. Talking to her every day just felt natural. She introduced me to a lot of new music artists while I introduced her to Kanye West. 

Step Seven: Talk for 7 hours

This was a milestone moment. She called at 6pm. Before I continue, we have a 1-hour difference so my 6pm is her 7 pm. It was just supposed to be any of our other calls; where we talk for like 2-3 hours and then we say our goodbyes. This was a different type of call, after our usual 3-hour mark had passed we continued and didn’t have a lot of fun topics. This was also the moment we truly became vulnerable with each other. This is one phone call I will never forget. I can say this was the pivot point from a beautiful friendship to a beautiful full. The call ended around 1am and it felt so short, I wanted more. I was falling for a blogger girl.

Step Eight: Give her a massage 

How would I give her a massage when she is over 2000 miles away. They say when you fall for somebody, you will find your way to spoil them no matter the distance. This was my case, so I decided to spoil using the same tool we used since I couldn’t physically be there to give her a massage. The search to look for a massage/spa place in Tanzania was so fun but also frustrating, luckily after 3 days of searching, I finally found the perfect spa. The hardest part was also not telling her my plans. The day the spa guys called her to confirm her booking. She called and she was so happy. This made me happy too. 

Step Nine: Tell her how you feel

I was falling so hard for the blogger girl, I just wanted to talk to her, hearing her voice brought me comfort. Ohh by the way, she is an amazing singer. You know I was experiencing all those emotions when in love. My body was releasing Dopamine, Oxytocin, and serotonin for her. I just had to tell her but I was also scared, what if she doesn’t feel the same way. Oh well, I decided to take the risk. I told her, I finally told her. Well no we didn’t start dating, we agreed that we should just let crush be a crush. Yeah, not the answer I was expecting but one thing I liked is when she told me she also feels the same for me. It was actually a good feeling expressing our feelings and we continued to be friends. This is how she became my best friend. 

Step Ten: Make her your Full 

We definitely have feelings for each other, this was a good step and I liked it and we got real comfortable with each other and this just intensified the feeling. The thoughts of asking her to be my girlfriend kept coming, I really liked her and this is a girl I would like to date. Everything changed on the day we used the “L” word. This was more than a best friend, this is a girl I LOVE and I want to be with so I decided to ask her out. I did via video cuz doing via text just did not feel right. On the 17th of April at 22:23 I asked out and she accepted at 22:25. Yes, the longest 2 minutes of my life. She didn’t become my better half, she became my Full. I do not fall in love with her, I fly in love with her.

This is how we became Fulls from a stranger whose message I didn’t reply to a girl I’m dating, to my best friend to my Malaika.

Disclaimer: only follow these steps if you are me and the girl is Eunice.

P.S. I love you Eunice Tossy ❤️❤️

David is a Malawian creative, tech enthusiast and a start-up founder. When he is not traveling and solving problems, he likes to critically think about things and watch movie analysis. He’s also a co-founder of Pushing 20s magazine.

23 thoughts on “Not Your Average Love story : How I found love in 10 steps

  1. Kudzanai

    I played a huge role in this. It’s an amazing love story.

    1. David Chimzizi

      you did, thank you for being there for us since the beginning

  2. Patricia Opio

    I absolutely love love. I smiled throughout. Thank you for sharing

    1. tcndangana

      This is a beautiful love story ❤

      1. David Chimzizi

        oh, thank you. Thank you so much for reading

    2. David Chimzizi

      Pat, your love for love is so contagious, thank you for cheering for us

  3. Essy

    Oh my gosh! I’m crying!!! This is so beautifully written David!! You make my girl so happy! I love her so much! Thank you for sharing your love story with us..

    1. David Chimzizi

      Essy, we love you too. Means a lot that you and David are with us in this journey. Can’t wait to meet you in July❤️

  4. vhusky27

    Woooowww…I read it twice…very well written. I pray your love blossoms ever more…thank you for sharing your life with us…

    1. Eunice Tossy

      ooh! thank you so much for wishing us well.. amen to that. thank you for reading

  5. The Afterthought

    Beautifully narrated. What a wonderful love story.

    1. David Chimzizi

      thank you, thank you so much and thank you for reading

  6. Tikia Joella

    Wow just wow. Blessings galore to the both of you.

    1. David Chimzizi

      thank you Tikia,and thank you for reading

  7. justynlove

    Beautiful love story… I love

    1. David Chimzizi

      thank you. Thank you so much for reading too

  8. Hill Study Center

    Oh wow! This love story is incredible. I wish you both the very best in your journey together.

    1. Eunice Tossy

      thank you so much!!! thank you

      1. Hill Study Center

        You’re welcome.

  9. Bolaji Gelax

    Not me blushing and awwwing through the read. My gosh, guys!!! I’m genuinely so happy for you two!

    Wishing you the very best on this journey. ♥️✨

    1. Eunice Tossy

      awwww! you are sweet Gelax. Thank you so much, thank you my dear

      1. Bolaji Gelax


  10. […] am a fan of John David Washington’s work, maybe because Tenet, the movie that he is in was one of the things me and my boyfriend bonded over, or maybe because he gives a spectacular performance in all the movies that he is in that makes me […]

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