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On Technology and Anxiety…

Heeey, so this amazing, mind blowing post is written by a friend of mine, and a blog reader, Moyo. He is a writer friend, who loved the blog, and so we talked about him writing a post for the blog, and here we are. I love his writing style, i really do, it is so artistic. Let’s go hear out from him.!!

03:00 Am, December, 23th 2017 Holiday

Half asleep, hands outside the mosquito net, catching up!

11:10 Pm, December 24th 2017… Going to sleep! Oh wait, college social media group had this funny meme, just check it and sleep. 15min later! Found out John dated class rep back in college! Wondering how many goals Mo Salah had scored outside the box this season! (Gets on YouTube recommendation); Iphone 6s review, How to make Swahili Biryani and goes on click bait after click bait till 2hrs later. Realizing its Christmas already, starts status viewing…! Alright no wishes yet!

02:55 Am, December 25th 2017, Overloaded, Overwhelmed, sleepless. Dry itchy eyes, googling how to get some sleep! Got to attend morning service and don’t wanna dose off during sermons…Don’t wanna be a spec!

Tuesday, November 6th 2018 Regular Day, almost a year apart, but same routine every now and then continues.

05:00 Am, Waking up! An annoying melody coming from the pillow!

Alas! Morning already. Good! New day, let’s start with a sweet morning prayer! “Baba Yetu ……, but is it Liverpool or Manchester City this season, oh wait I will check the highlights later!” Goes on praying for one minute…. oh maaan! was the phone put on charge last night? OMG I don’t have a spare charger at the office. Can’t believe I forgot to charge it!” Think this much prayer is enough for today. Sticks hand out to the switch. Dah! It was OFF! “I’m screwed!”

12:00 pm, Tut, tut, tu! Battery low! Whoosh! New message: Mpendwa mteja umetumia 90% ya kifurushi chako cha UNI. “Think it is almost expiration time for my bundle let me finish it before the battery is empty, after all lunch is in one hour to come”

01:30 pm, “I am sorry, wali samaki is finished, can we serve you maharage instead?” No I will just pass, thanks! Grabs a soda and then uses lunch money to buy cheap USB wire.

04:30 pm, Battery Full, Half an hour to go! “Kesho pia ni siku, Let’s see what we missed when we left the phone on charge!” 451 messages!

Anxiety: Intense, Excessive and Persistent worry and fear about everyday situations.

In this case the Smartphone situation.

Your bundle is going to expire, you get anxious!

Your battery is flat, you get anxious!

Your friend’s gadget is up to date than yours, you get anxious!

Your Apps are out of date, you get anxious!

Your friend posted a good success status update, you get anxious!

Your screen cracked, anxiety!

What what what happened to what what what, and now you know, you get anxious!

To a life that was reality and you knew how to handle your anxiety sources you now have pushed in technology induced anxiety, which you are ready to ignore.

Perhaps you treat it as normal because everyone around you has just added it to their daily life.

But, take a moment and notice, how much room and time we let anxiety occupy in our minds. Imagine that space and time used to accomplish even tiny tasks. Wouldn’t life on the creative side of you be active?

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And as always…

Thanks for Catching up! Through your smartphone of course!

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