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If Someone Forces An Opportunity On You, It Is Highly Likely You Are The Opportunity

April 2019

The week starts with somewhat regular activities.

A colleague at work who also happens to be a supervisor of mine invites me to a mysterious meeting.

“No Agenda”, “a vague location”, only specifying time.

Out of trust and respect I agreed.

If you were to examine me (The kind who would trust a particular person any day, and any time) you would say it was an honor to be attending because I went with all my heart but with no clear expectation.

As suspicion rise, I find myself amongst strangers in a cult like environment where nothing makes sense.

Strangers who would utilize my trust on my colleague to sell me my dreams (Compelling reasons). Some of these dreams I knew but they were really below the belt and honestly not really my dreams.

“We are a legitimate company”

“We promise you that you will be making an unbelievable extra income with your spare time if you join us, (Which is true, literally if you work on it, but not with spare time)”

“I am an engineer, I am a doctor in the making, I am a student”.

These were the warmly welcoming statements heard from the representatives.
Welcome to the first presentation, “Company profile”, the edified presenter speaks, almost like ranting, after coming in late so as to create a suspense feeling in the guest (also me!).

The lady host advises, “Empty your cup, hold your questions till the end. Do not interrupt his majesty”.

As I sit across the presenter, my trust lies on my brother on my right side. The man raps, the lady host in the left says “Aaah-men!” to every line, my brother (the one I trust) does the same.

Fast forward, I can’t be rude, after all, I just came to pay my respect. I left, not intending to come again, so naturally just gave them a good heart and left. Now the respect part, I could not refuse the second presentation.

Listening on the second presentation, It awkwardly started to make sense.

After the first presenter explained the business model (Multi-Level Marketing alias Network Marketing) and showing the products, the promised riches, and the entry fee (Buying a product, you won’t need!).

My heart aches, it is true, the formula works, only a moron can fail.

But the conscience calls, Money gained = Money lost, turns out for me to be wealthy as advertised, some trusty being has to lose money.

Not just one guy, a bunch, at least 100 or so.

Sounds mean right?

No, not to them, this is their quest to become rich, fair game.

The way is not the product, you have to recruit, and convince and force others to pay up the entry fee! that is the way.

Unfortunately I had the money, and I trusted the last person who made me be there, I paid!

Born here here, as the town kids saying go, but I lost. Naïve! Who in their right mind would even consider that!
Okay, I paid so what. We need to train you to be a recruiter (Preacher who will trap most against their will). A process where you learn to turn all your loved ones into prey. Alright I will take it.

Training motto, “No does not mean no, no means not right now”.

Tactics: Do this in secret, don’t share with the outsiders. Always lie to get an appointment (the white lies of not saying anything).
Revelation: You are fooled, now learn how to fool others! Turns out all my partners are morally broken.
Now I am trapped, I wanted to quit because morally I am about to be broken. But what about the money I invested? Poor me, what did this brother think he was doing. After a process of forced memory jogging I came to discover how long they invested in him, they knew his potential, had to break through, it took them a year.

I had to move on! Money is not easy to come by nowadays, but so is inner peace.

One fateful night as I was still on training came a young guy (an Upline/Top recruiter) to prove their belief and dreams, He drove a splashy BMW X6. Now the cult assembled to listen and praise with the remarkable energy, I froze.

Suddenly all of them are dreaming X6, oh men, I am into farm times and tractors! He was happy, they all were.
On a session on Saturday, on which I made peace with me being a scapegoat, I decided to quit, I was already late for refund. As I listened to the presenter on her desperate move to impart her dreams on mine, I discovered how I had neglected my dreams.

Overhearing her again introduce new prospect, undermining other forms of work, I almost felt embarrassed.

Truth is I have time, I have energy, and the money lost could set me up for a startup, but shit happen.

I am back to square one, dreaming big in my own terms!

And here are the little lessons.

1—The inner voice, the heartache, the anxiety, gut feeling and God’s word agree at your worst.

2—Respect is for everyone, every time, Trust is different.

3—You Only Have One Life To Live, Love What You Do.

4—Dreams are compelling reasons, but greed is far a greater force.

5—Multi-Level Marketing works, but refer no 2.

6—Ambitions are important, but first take time to clarify what you really want.

7–-If someone forces an opportunity on you, it is highly likely you are the opportunity.

Best of luck whoever has difficult deciding what to do with his/her life. But if you are doing what you love, and it satisfies your needs, don’t let someone who is not doing it undermine it. You were gifted with what you have for you to have it. And if you are meant to be famously rich you will eventually be with it, or through it, in it and other opportunities will come with it.



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