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Working from home comes with it’s own challenge, this may just be me, but working at an environment that is so comfortable as home takes so much energy and negotiation power. I have to negotiate with my own body, the people around (my niece especially) and still work in an environment where I can easily be distracted.

After a whole year of working at home, I have found these tips to be quite helpful to me in my working from home routine, so here I am sharing ;

-Have a consistent sleeping routine 

By this I mean have a consistent time where you wake up and go to sleep. I read on Jordan B Peterson’s book, 12 rules of life, that this helps even in fighting depression, the same was said in Johann Hari’s book, Lost connections. Having  a consistent time where you sleep and wake up helps your body to feel active, or used to some routine. I spice it up by adding a workout routine as well, it really helps my body to feel like I have started my day.

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– Don’t work on your bed

It’s a big no, no. It’s easy for you to sleep or watch a movie. I think like the sleeping routine, your body or brain already associates the bed with rest (not scientifically proven, just my smart thinking😉), so this is a big no no for me.

–  Have an office table and a chair (comfortable workspace)

Like a normal office. You still spend most of your time sitting, a comfortable chair is a must. But also having an office space kind of sets the mood for work and makes your body and mind work ready. But it is important to go to your office space when you have,

– Put on official wear

This is a huge tip especially when working from home. I’m gonna be honest, I don’t do this everyday, but the days I do I feel like I’m in a work mood and getting so much done. Every once in a while it is beautiful to dress up for yourself.

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– have 10 minutes of exercise

Get your body moving, it’s the perks of working from home, running your (almost) own timetable. When you were going to the office you were moving your body by moving around the office or even when going to work, at home it is easy to spend a lot of time sitting, as beautiful as that is the body needs movement too. Move your body

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– Go out to rejuvenate at least couple times a week

This is so important for your mental well-being, outdoor activities are so good for you as well. I think just because you work from home doesn’t mean you have to be stuck at home and forget how beautiful the city you live in is, go out, have some outdoor fun as well.

– Drink more water and move more

Eat well, now that you work from home, you can have the best meals right? Drink water. Move more. This is the time where you can feel like you are really taking care of yourself. The more you feel like you are taking care of yourself, the more work/goals you can get done.

– Have a schedule of what you plan to do in a day and also take breaks or reward yourself after finishing some work 

Also I have found that finishing work in the morning to be so liberating. Now there are different times when people are active to do work but I have found for me, I take lesser time to finish a work if I do it in the morning compared to if I do it in any other time. So a good tip would be to check a time when you are mostly productive and less distracted and do most or difficult works of yours then. Also don’t forget to limit your social media usage, lest you spend your whole day scrolling on Twitter like I used to do. You can set a time where you will check your social media feed and a time where you work.

It is also important to change your attitude about working from home, for sometime I struggled with feeling like just because I’m working from home, I’m not really working. I think a change of attitude can make you enjoy your time working from home, think of it like a different season in your life, enjoy it to the fullest as you would if you were in a season to work in an office space. But also maybe you need to redefine the meaning of work for you, is it just working in an office space? Is it doing something meaningful and earning in return? What is work to you? I have found this to be helpful for me and it has made me respect what I do and faithfully follow my timetables.

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I also struggled a lot in the beginning as I used to envy those who work at an office, not sure you will struggle or have struggled with this but the realization that people who work in an office would die to work from home (be in my shoes) was a wake up call. I think redefining what ‘work’ meant to me helped as well.

No such thing as a life that’s better than yours – J. Cole


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