In the wake of all that is happening in the US, we are all aware that racism is real. So real like the sunrise and the sunset.

I shared how I was racially discriminated in China in 2016, the experience that took me on a spiral road and made me go from self hate, self love, foreigners hate and so many other feelings that people feel when they go through racism.

I was 21 when I realized I’m black, in China.

By that I mean I realized people do judge me by the colour of my skin, I became more aware of their ignorance that made me realize that people don’t celebrate differences, they are scared, filled with hate towards you especially when you are different.

I mean coming from Tanzania, Africa, I never felt different, I never was treated differently on the basis of my skin color, and so since 2016, I’ve been reading about history, hurting when I see police kill black people, actively speaking about racism and reading racism books.

They are not easy to read, at least for me they weren’t.

But let me share three books that I recommend to anyone who wants to understand racism better:

John Piper – Bloodlines

I put this book first, for those who would like to understand race relations and the Bible. As Christians how do we approach racism and etc. This book helped me a lot to see race from a Biblical point of view and I’m sure you will too.

How to be less stupid about race – Crystal Marie Fleming

This was so good, it gave me an answer to the question that people have now, ‘why didn’t Obama fix this?’

It also talks about Interracial marriages and why they are not the answer to racism, and how some are in them and are still racially discriminated in their own marriages. This was a deep, deep read, but it educated me big time.

White Awake – Daniel Hill

I loved this book because it made me believe that there are white people who also go on a journey of seeing their privilege and wanting changes as well.

Daniel Hill is a white pastor who learned about racism as well. This books talks about you know racial issues in church, why white people just deny racism and want a quick fix to it, so he shares how he kept thinking that he could bring a solution just like that and how he would always get called out.

From this book I also learned about lamenting. And now it’s my favourite thing to do.

We as humans, especially this microwave generation, don’t know how to take time and feel the pain, just listen and just weep for things, you know, knowing that they are broken. We always want to fix things head on, and sometimes, sometimes it’s okay to just sit with things for sometime and cry.

So you want to talk about race – Ijeoma Oluo

Do you want to talk that talk? Ijeoma’s book is deep.

Actually all these books are, I know a book is deep when I take time to digest not just reading to finish the chapters. And for me that could be even a month, I’m still digesting before getting back to it.

The interesting thing I learned from this book is how also us as black people kinda see each other different. Or treat each other differently. And that was a good lesson to learn. We have internalized the message to the extent we live it within ourselves as well.

Now all these books had more than what I shared, I just shared what stood out the most to me and what I can remember now.

Which one are you reading first?


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