Pata majibu ya maswali yote uliyonayo kuhusu maisha ya chuo na changamoto zake


Read this if all of your friends are achieving milestones in life and you feel like you are stuck

Or when all of your friends are getting married and you are not…

March to April I’ve received so many cards for marriage than I have in any other year or season of my life. I have seen more engagement photos of couples that shocked me (cause I didn’t know they were dating but also you and you, wow!). I have also seen photos of couples that blessed my heart, they are just inspiring, cute and all those amazing things.

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The more I age, the more I’m reminded that life paths are different for everyone of us except society’s rules are still the same. We are supposed to start at kindergarten, then you are expected to graduate from university with a partner or a ring, then get a job, then get married, then have babies, then raise your babies, then get old and die.

It’s a ladder.

There used to be ages of when you were supposed to climb the steps or to have passed one already but the more I grow up the more I realize and see that some people climb, some people don’t, some people go on another direction, and some just use an elevator, what matters is we live life and you are happy and living a life of meaning in the path that you are in.

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If you are stuck looking at others climbing, you might feel like you aren’t, you might feel like you are the same person while everyone else is changing and growing, you might feel like everyone is passing you by or using you as a stepping stone when they are climbing the ladder as fast as they can. 

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However I think everyone goes through life at different paces. There is no right or wrong or falling behind, life’s what you make it. I’m learning to see people who achieve different milestones in their own times not as success and me as a failure but just to understand that we are in different path and seasons in life.

I might not be achieving the milestone now, or not ever, but I’m also enjoying and living life in my own path. I’m not stuck, I’m growing, I’m enjoying and I’m living a life of meaning in the path that I’m in.

Remember the saying, ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’, it’s so true, the main thing to do is to be genuinely happy for those whose grass seem greener while watering and appreciating how far your grass has come and how steadily it grows.

Life is not a competition for who reaches the milestone faster or ticks of the boxes quicker. 

Life is not supposed to be lived in sorrow and sadness wondering why so and so is getting what you desire first, and drowning in self pity. 

Life is to be lived in genuine joy and shared happiness for those who are climbing, knowing that when they do they will share lessons, push you forward or cheer you on when it’s your time to climb or when you are walking on your own different path and at your own pace.

You are not stuck, you are growing and travelling on a different path, if only you would just look and focus to see how much of your grass has grown and is getting greener.

You may get there, you may not, you may use the same path, you may not, whatever you do make sure you live a life of meaning and joy and live in the present, focusing on your own life journey more than comparing.



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