Pata majibu ya maswali yote uliyonayo kuhusu maisha ya chuo na changamoto zake

Maisha ya kila siku

Deep down we are all the same

I spend a huge chunk of my life studying people, I don’t think they know I’m studying them but for me it is a survival skill. I need to know you, to understand how you function to feel like I can connect with you. This comes as a survival mechanism that I learned from growing up in a narcissistic environment, you just learn to understand people’s moods, moves, intentions etc by observing them so that you know how to respond, react or behave in front of them.

So far it is serving me well; not growing up in a narcissistic home, that’s traumatic, the studying people part. It has led me to the realization that many people before me have observed as well, wrote quotes about and I’m pretty sure you too have come to the same realization that we are more similar than we think.

I guess it comes with being a human, like belonging in the same specie kind of thing. We may have different races, cultures, personalities and all that make us different from each other, which is good. I mean imagine a world where we are all the same and no diversity, how boring. But when it comes to the human element of it, we are similar. When it comes to desires, to fears, to facing traumas, to emotions, to sickness, to death, we are basically dealing with similar things. I think this is what bridges the gap between races, between social classes and etc.

You know the knowledge that Jeff Bezos is scared of getting old as you are and that he is investing in a startup about staying young forever is kind of comforting at least to me (since I know so many people who want to live and be young forever just like him). That a rich person driving a car you only dream of cries themselves to sleep too, for different reasons but they also go through human emotions, fears and depression. That a person of a certain race or from a different nation is also desiring to be beautiful just like you are, desiring to not be sick just like you are, facing the same demons of addictions, fears and sickness just like you are is comforting to know.

I am trying to not be a philosopher after spending my day at a national park but one can’t avoid being philosophical after watching animals in their nature. The thought that lingers in my mind a lot right now is how similar we are to animals, to each others as a specie, as human animals. We all have consciousness, emotions, brains and inside are battling similar things regardless of what may seem to separate us outside.

We may be divided by the different labels we carry, the different nations we were born in, our different dreams, religions, desires, we may have walls cause of our ego, past hurt or just personality quirks, we may be focused in seeking power, money and in our closed groups and carry different labels we have chosen, but let’s not lie to ourselves that with all these we are not the same. We all desire love, fear being abandoned, hate being disrespected, hurt when we are not appreciated or seen, and feel disapointed when what we want doesn’t happen the way we want it to, struggle with traumas that life throws at us, our lifes get affected by similar natural issues like ageing, sickness, tornadoes, floods etc, we all fear dying alone, we all want security in life, we all want to be happy, deep down we are all the same.

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