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Dondoo za Maisha,  Self Care

20 Self care tips for millennials

I am busy, you are busy, we are all busy.

I get overwhelmed, I burnout and I need a break from time to time, even machines do.

Self care to me, can be defined in two ways.

1. Focusing on myself completely and abandoning everything else (when I am not in a good mental health space)

2. Focusing on me while in the midst of a busy schedule (when I can still keep going/everyday)

Self care to me is an everyday activity because I believe I can’t take good care of people around me or my work, if I don’t take care of myself. I am all I have.

So I don’t do everything at once, but I try to do what I can for that particular day. And this can be different in different situations and days.

So let’s start with number two, when I am having a busy schedule.

I try my best to create an environment where I take care of myself even when I am working, and I share this in hopes that you can pick one tip or two:

•Short breaks during work time
•Going to the beach after work
•Watching sunrise and sunset
•Drinking water
•Eating my favourite meals (most of the times it is chipsi mayai but even pork is amazing)

• Rewarding myself (I am so good at this, that it hurts, sometimes I buy myself clothes, chipsi mayai just to celebrate me)

•Hobbies ( I now have a beat making app in my phone, sometimes watering mom’s garden and etc)

• Socializing with others (those that don’t feel draining after the talk, you know what I mean)

• Journaling

• I write what I am grateful for in that moment, I have an app for that.
• Listen to music (sometimes you are not really interested with the conversation that people are having, so earphones are a blessing)

• Therapy ( I once worked somewhere and the situation was really difficult, I needed therapy to keep going, story for another day btw)

I think I tried to mention everything I do when I can’t escape life in that moment.

But when I can get free time to focus on myself completely, I

• Jog ( I love the way wind beats me when I am jogging)

• Practice solitude (thinking my thoughts out, alone)

• Getaway (sometimes I go with my friends or alone, but I have found travelling to a different place so healing)

Take social media breaks (I do this sometimes just for a week or a month).

• Read books (especially memoirs, good ones are the best).

• Don’t give people my time ( I have learned that I can’t be everything to everyone, especially when I feel so tired myself, and so Sometimes I save my energy by not trying to be)

• Changing my self talk. I am still working on this, but I have come a long way.

•Therapy and being vurnalable (It is so good to have someone who listens to you, and help you work through things)

I hope you can pick up one or two tips from this list, and this that I saw online.

How do you practice self care?



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