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Simple ways to celebrate Valentine’s day when you are single

I used to be salty on Valentine’s day.

Fun fact : All my relationship never got to February so i have never celebrated Valentine’s day when in a relationship???

So I was always alone thinking why this day exist. You know and hating on all the cute couple pictures posted on Instagram (where is the thumbs down emoji Instagram, we need it for a day like today).

But in 2018, I started my self love journey, because me is all I got. So i decided to be celebrating Valentine’s day as well, because am still loved, deeply by my close friends, family and i give love to them as well.

And so here is a couple of ideas on how you as a single person can spend the day celebrating instead of hating this day;

Calling the people you love

Friends, family especially your granny.

-Celebratory tradition

(I eat Chipsi Mayai on every Valentine’s day, create one that works for you)

You can create your own traditions on how you will always celebrate this day.

Don’t go around looking for love

On Valentine’s day you are vulnerable. Don’t make big decisions during this time of pressure.

Instead take time to appreciate, recognize and accept the love that you always have around you.

Write a self love letter to yourself

What is it that you love about yourself? What is it you didn’t value about you but now you vow to? What do you want to tell yourself?

No Instagram

If you have a heart as soft as mine, that compares easily, don’t go to Instagram, be in the present and enjoy your own company.

Read a book

Find one and take the whole day to learn from its wisdom.

Watch Movies

Treat yourself

It can be as simple as a long bath, sleeping or buying yourself ice cream. Whatever means love to you, do it for yourself

Treat someone else

Helping the old with their luggages, eating with your neighbor, or roommate, listening to a friend etc. They are all simple ways you can show up for someone else.

Listen to music

Dance your day away??

Exchange gifts

I remember one Valentine’s day, me and one of my roommate decided to intentionally buy each other gifts for Valentine’s day. That was my best Valentine’s day as well because my love language is receiving gifts.

And so she gave me a scarf, because she knew my love for scarf is deep. And i gave her a gift as well.

All I am saying is, I hope you get to a point in your life where Valentine’s day doesn’t make you feel like a failure in life, because for a long time Valentine’s day used to make me feel so.

I hope you know that singleness is not a curse, it is a gift to be celebrated even on Valentine’s day.

I hope you enjoy your own company, and know that there are days that you will feel lonely but by being single you are alone most of the times, not all lonely.

Single or in relationship, You are loved

Happy Valentine’s day



  • anitastories

    Me too, “my relationships” never made it to Valentine’s day so I am learning to create my own traditions to enjoy the day just a bit more. Happy Valentine’s day #asinglegirlsvalentine

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