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Dear Single Girl, You are Complete

From the time you are born, your family members start to tell you how beautiful you are an how lucky the man that will marry you will be.

You do something wrong in their eyes, and they tell you how embarrassing you will be in your husband’s house.

They teach you what to say, when to say, how to be and how to live so that you can be ready for your husband.

All of this ministries started by women who have mastered how to be a good wife, they have good intentions of equipping you too for your marriage, the one that you don’t know when it is or who you will be married too.

All of this leaves you wondering that life doesn’t start until you are a wife.

All of this makes you believe your sole purpose is to be a wife.

All of this makes you feel incomplete without marriage.

Dear single girl, you are a work in progress and even when you marry you will still be, life is just like that.

Dear single girl, you are whole, work towards healing and being whole alone.

Dear single girl, no one can complete you. The hole, the emptiness you feel doesn’t disappear when you are married, there are a lot of married people who are lonely.

Dear single girl, you are complete. Made in the image of God, beautiful on His sight and enough to Him.

You are deeply, deeply loved by Him, and He gave up everything to come show you His love on earth.

You are loved.

Dear single girl, don’t let the world’s standard and how they judge a woman’s value affect you, let not Valentine’s day be a reminder of how incomplete your life is in the world’s standard because you are complete.



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