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Eunice Tossy  

How to protect your mental health while using social media

Yesterday I got into a Twitter fight.

Wait, I haven’t told you, I am back to being social.

And here is my Instagram and Twitter

Let’s connect there.

I think as a blogger, it is so lonely to be off social media, also I love connecting with you all and learning from all of you, so I had to join social media again.

So back to my Twitter fight, before joining social media again, I promised myself to not be what I hate on social media, to be different.

But yesterday, I failed.

I got so offended by people and responded negatively..

In a way that I didn’t promise myself to be. I am not proud of how I was on social media yesterday.

I get so easily offended, feel behind in life, and compare my life especially on social media, and that is why It was easy for me to leave so many times.

So I decided to make self care rules / tips that I will follow, so that I can take care of my mental health while being on social media, and here they are;

Be what I would love to see online

Which to me is a kinder, more loving, supportive and a good human being there as I am in the real world. I think it can be easy to be ballsy on social media when we are not so in the real world. So I plan to take my real world self, there.

Take breaks

I plan to not leave social media now. So I plan to take breaks, week breaks or month breaks. Just to relax and be off it, because I have a love-hate relationship with social media, also it drains me.Breaks help me to rejuvenate as well. So one week every month will do.

Unfollow some people or trending topics

I am a very curious person. Very curious.So when I see something trending, I tend to read about it and follow every conversation.

So now I plan to not be on the know about everything.

Just like when I wasn’t on social media. In this case, ignorance is bliss (though am not a fan of this slogan).

I don’t need to give an opinion on everything.

Unfollow people who make me feel some type of way, if someone brings up some feelings in me, I will unfollow them and then dig deep as to why I felt that way.

Create some boundaries.

Remember that people don’t share their behind the scenes

All I see on social media may not be fake, but it maybe not all of it.

For example, I am in Dodoma,the capital city of Tanzania, enjoying my time here, and I share those pictures on my Instagram, it’s not a lie.

But I am also frustrated, that, I didn’t show them.

A lot of things go wrong in my life, but a lot go well.

So I should not judge someone’s life and compare it to mine, just by one story.

Remember why you are in it

I joined social media for my blog.

Not to fight with people for giving their opinions on things.

That’s not why I am there.

So I need to remind myself that all the time.

Why are you in it?

Do some other things in life

When I was on my Twitter fight yesterday ????, I realized that, that wasn’t for me.

I am for peace IRL, and unity.

Then I decided to go and read books.

My life doesn’t have to revolve around social media, I am supposed to use it, not for it to use me/drain me.

Geta hobby, go outside!.

Turn off the notifications

It keeps me from being active on the time when I don’t have to.

Notifications create some mental noise and urgency, and make me reactive.

Here are some more tips I have found helpful:

Is social media stressing you out? here are self care tips – Forbes

How to figure out who to unfollow

Let’s go spread love on social media, and give it to ourselves as well.


7 thoughts on “How to protect your mental health while using social media

  1. blacktulipbeauty

    Social media is definitely a really hard thing to navigate. If my job wasn’t reliant on it, I’d spend a hell of a lot less of my life on it because I find it can be so detrimental to mental wellbeing sometimes. You’re so right in that people don’t show their behind the scenes, I try and always be as authentic as possible with my blog and socials whilst still keeping some privacy.
    Alice Xx

    1. Eunice Tossy

      Same here!! I wouldn’t be using it, but I guess we are learning about ourselves on the space as well..

      I would love to know how do you balance being authentic and keeping your privacy?

      1. blacktulipbeauty

        I always consider what I share before I do it, things to do with family and relationships etc will always be kept private but I often share embarrassing things or failures in my job if I feel comfortable to and if they’re relevant. I find it quite easy to laugh at myself so may as well entertain other people too ?

        1. Eunice Tossy

          That’s good.. thank you for sharing that with me?

          1. musanjufu benjamin kavubu

            This is very wise advice

          2. Eunice Tossy

            Thank you Ben, thank you for reading

        2. Eunice Tossy

          Thank you for reading this post as well

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