Pata majibu ya maswali yote uliyonayo kuhusu maisha ya chuo na changamoto zake


Some random thoughts on social media

– It’s a huge marketplace, louder than the market down the street

– Everyone is screaming, everyone knows it all, everyone has figured it out, everyone is happy, well these days they are ‘curated sad’ but it’s all part of the trend

– I wonder if it’s a different world, I find that when I logged out the fear I got from that world disappeared and life on this world became normal. I wonder if it’s another world, our perfectly curated world, the world that lives in our minds, that takes up too much space, that make us forget to be in this one, real one, maybe.

– I wonder if fear is the only thing being preached. Well maybe not just that, inadequacy is as well, consumerism,  intellectualism is as well, there are chosen few and the followers. We all strive to be the chosen few. We hope to be. Some end up being.

– I wonder if like in the old days when people used to be stoned to death for doing wrong in the community this world has become like that, stoning people for thinking and saying different things from the required social media script, except now the stoning affects their real world not just this perfectly curated one.

– I wonder if I was meant to live overinformed like this, if knowing everything that’s happening in this world is worth my mental health and brain energy

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– I wonder, am I truly connected? Or there’s more to connection than typing ‘congrats’ on my friend’s Facebook update of her with her new baby girl

– I wonder if I am giving more control to tech companies, if I’m just a commodity to them, if I am just a product that they sell to others?

– I wonder how much I would do if I weren’t addicted to my phone, to the ding sound that makes my heart race

– I wonder if this is how I’m supposed to live life, is this it?

– I wonder if I’m addicted, if everyday I promise myself to change and I never do, am I?

– I guess we are all news anchors working for free, spending our own money to keep this new station in business

– Sometimes I think we create content that make their platforms exciting for free but it is a double edged sword you have to do it for free for sometime so that you can get paid later, sometimes it’s big bucks. Modern day cheap labor with good promises if you climb the ladder of followers. Modern day attention providers. Modern day providers of affirmations

– It reveals the worst in us, all the habits that we try so hard to hide in real life, in front of our screens we can be free to type. This can be good, I guess. You know maybe it can be like a mirror that helps us grow and change.

– Also is everyone an activist? 

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– Are there things that should be private or in this land there are no rules?

—I wonder if there’s a sustainable way to use it, one that is not led by our anger and ego. But I don’t want to police how people use these tools, just my thoughts

—I wonder if there’s more to life than social media fame or maybe it can be a good tool for change as it is in some cases already so maybe that’s a positive thing. 

— I wonder if people can be more humane on these platforms, listen to each other more, self reflect and help each other grow rather than killing each other’s or their own careers.



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