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5 Graduation speeches that prepared me for life in the real world

Today I celebrate one year since I graduated..

All I can say is life has been bittersweet, but I was told that it will be.. Well not really told, I watched couple commencement speeches on YouTube that prepared me to face the real world. And so today when I am celebrating one year in the streets, I want to share these speeches to new graduates, so that they can be prepared to face life on this side as well..

1. Mindy Kaling – Dartmouth’s 2018 Speech

I watched in the morning while getting ready to go to my own graduation..

Lesson learned:

-Life doesn’t go as planned

-and in life, be your own cheerleader

2. Tara Westover – The Un-Instagrammable Self

I read Tara’s book Educated, then I started to google her after reading it. Then I found this speech..

Lesson learned:

-In life you will live so many moments that are not Instagram worthy, and that is okay. Learn to love your Un-Instagrammable self/life.

3. Hasan Minhaj – DHS 2015’s commencement speech

I have been watching Hasan’s comedy and I love his sense of humor.

Lesson learned :

-It doesn’t matter what anybody says, you can achieve your dreams if you commit to them. Never give up

4. Ellen at Tulane University in 2009

I think I watched a lot of speeches after my graduation, because I wanted inspiration a lot.. And this inspired me a lot.

Lesson learned :

-There will be times when you will be down, or face rejection, but that’s part of life.

5: Oprah Winfrey – Commencement speech in 2012

I love Oprah, I find her so inspiring honestly, and always breaking the glass ceiling.

Lesson learned :

– Let us all be of service to the community.. Our lives should serve a greater purpose than just being for us. Let us help one another.

And those are the commencement / graduation speeches that shaped and prepared me for the life in the real world.

To those who are graduating today/this year, look how far you have come. You have made yourself and your people proud. Congratulations.


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