Pata majibu ya maswali yote uliyonayo kuhusu maisha ya chuo na changamoto zake

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Spend your money, where you spend your time

Has it ever occurred to you that your time is your life?

No, not your money, not your status, not your perceived identity. It is your time. Late twenties are really anxious times, many of us are at that moment where we start to see things unfold before us. Some see clearly the different trajectories that life has taken in comparison to our expectations. But we live our lives trying and finding ways to match those trajectories which we missed.

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We think that we missed them because we weren’t lucky or we did not put enough effort. Yes we may have not been doing things right, but life is not about getting right things. It is about being aware of what it is that we are having. And living for it. So we may find ourselves spending most time in certain areas than others. Such as home, at work, farms, roads and etc. And by this time we already know why we are there, we are there because that is where our lives happen.

Being at it one thing we gotta understand, we came at this life to live comfortably. That is the aim of what we do, so that life can be comfortable. It is not about how much we can afford. Its about how we make it livable. Therefore if you love writing and spend most time on a chair then spend your money on the chair. Get the best chair you can to sit on. It will make you happy. If you’re a cook and spend much time cooking, spend your money on a kitchen. Get the best cooker out there within your means. It will make you happy. If you make a living on a workshop, spend on right tools. They will make your work easier. They will make you happy.

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Now I am not talking about getting comfortable in a life stage that you are in. I’m talking about living comfortably doing what you do best. And if you do what you do best. You will grow. Spend your money or your earning on what takes your time most. See what you can do about it, otherwise you will be stressed. And stress everyone around you.

Because stress just like happiness is contagious

Do that with your life, don’t wait much for the final results, and don’t spend much where you don’t spend your time. And as always be grateful for what you have, because trust me, you are not fully aware how blessed you are until you lose some of it.




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