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One spending trick that will help you to save more money when you are living alone

I had the honor of meeting couple friends in the past few months, and I definitely had the time of my life and a lot to learn. One of the things that I learnt after meeting my sister and friend Agnes is the fact that I am a generous spender, by that I mean she pointed out that I’m spending a lot in areas where I could spend smartly and save. With that she shared with me a spending trick that changed my financial life for the better.

When you are living alone, it can sometimes feel like everything needs money, even breathing. It is then that one has to learn how to save, this one spending trick that my friend shared with me helps me to save more money for future use. If you are living alone, the trick is to go buy your home products in bulk at a wholesale shop. Mind blowing I know!

When you buy things like pads, toilet paper, soap etc in bulk, you can easily get a discount. In addition to that buying at a wholesale shop cuts down the middleman and the small amount a retail shop would add to get profit. This means you will get whatever you are buying at a price close to the one retailers buy for.

On top of that buying in bulk will go a long way for you. It does for me. I live worry-free for months because I have pads to use no matter my financial situation. Having tested this given trick, I finally feel confident to share it with you. Thanks to Agnes, you and I will have better spending habits that keep our financial life in order.

What’s the financial hack/ trick that you have been using that saves you money?


Here’s a list of things you can buy in bulk


  • Yuri

    I’m such a shopaholic… buying in bulk is definitely one trick I cant wait to try out. Thanks for sharing. For me, I like to use the 50-30-20 budget rule. I use 50% of my income on needs like groceries, rent, utilities, bills, etc. 30% of my income on wants like Netflix, clothes, makeup, etc and 20% goes to savings. I try as much as possible to minimize my spending using this rule. Sometimes If i wanna increase my savings, i cut down on spending for some of my wants.

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