Pata majibu ya maswali yote uliyonayo kuhusu maisha ya chuo na changamoto zake

  • On Technology and Anxiety…

    03:00 Am, December, 23th 2017 Holiday…Half asleep, hands outside the mosquito net, catching up! 11:10 Pm, December 24th 2017… Going to sleep! Oh wait, college social media group had this funny meme, just check it and sleep. 15min later! Found out John dated class rep back in college! Wondering how many goals Mo Salah had scored outside the box this season! (Gets on YouTube recommendation); Iphone 6s review, How to make Swahili Biryani and goes on click bait after click bait till 2hrs later. Realizing its Christmas already, starts status viewing…!  Alright no wishes yet!

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