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The burden of being African…

This is the second part written by my good friend Kudzanai Kurotwi, you can read the part one of the burden of being African written by me here.

The burden of being African is to be at home but not feel at home. I have the urge to leave home because there’s nothing for me here. I’m better off in a foreign land but wait, Is that true? Well I guess that’s the burden of being African. Why should I leave home for greener pastures, leave home to live a good life. It is indeed the burden of being African.

Where are the divine protectors that jealously guard Africa? Don’t they hear us cry day and night? The burden of being African to have nothing to turn to because its like living in a jungle- he who survives is the fittest.

Your voice should not be heard or you’ll die. Ungrateful, disrespectful generation they say. We fought for your freedom, liberation for you to enjoy the lands of your forefathers. But we are free? The burden of being African is that they went to war for themselves to live lavishly with their families. The burden of being African is to accept oppression from your own people, to accept corruption from your own flesh and blood and to be divided amongst yourselves.

Why was I born in Africa? To be burdened with foreign languages, cultures, ideas. To think that to be foreign is ‘woke’. To have an identity crisis when my roots are rich and the stories of my ancestry are so beautiful, majestic and marvelous. The burden of being African is to not be able to associate with my culture because it’s deemed demonic, unworthy and evil. A whole ancestry I can never acknowledge because they weren’t civilized and there’s nothing I can learn from them, doesn’t make sense at all.

That is why I’m burdened by being African.

Africa cries. Africa is hungry. Africa yearns for peace. Africa needs love. Africa fights for freedom. Africa needs to be united. Africa cries, for the burden is too heavy. Why is it a burden to be African?

The burden of being African is to have questions that can’t be answered.

Kudzanai Kurotwi is a blogger at Blackmwana Diary. Check out her amazing blog.


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