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How Visiting the Great Zimbabwe Gave Me the Courage to Let Go

We never realize how much of our lives is led by fear until we have to make a choice and we feel paralyzed. Now, fear can be a good thing, and most times it can also keep us safe. However, fear can also stop us from taking chances and risks and in turn stop us from living our lives to the fullest. For me, it kept me in a relationship longer than I should have been. I feared the unknown, being alone, being broken, starting afresh; I was scared of life after I let go. That was until I visited Zimbabwe.

When I first set foot in Masvingo, I knew that the place would exceed my expectations but I never pictured the city to be where I would finally gain the courage to let go of my relationship. For so long I mistook my fear of letting go as love; until I learned about the history of Great Zimbabwe, a UNESCO world heritage site since 1986.

Zimbabwe is a country that every history nerd should visit, and the Great Zimbabwe is a huge lesson in letting go if you want it to be. The fact that for several reasons, rulers and the people abandoned this beautiful kingdom in search of pastures somewhere else and to build new kingdoms in other areas, proves that majestic things can be left behind.

The day I spent hiking in this mind-blowing palace made of stones taught me that beautiful things can be left behind, and that doesn’t make them less beautiful. I saw that moving on means more excitement for what’s to come, a chance to embrace the unknown and build new legacies in my own life journey. The king who left Great Zimbabwe to search for pastures somewhere else taught me that there’s no need to try harder if it’s clearly not working; it’s better to let go, and journey through the unknown.

We don’t get into relationships thinking about endings, we don’t start to work somewhere thinking we will quit, nor do we build empires thinking we will leave them behind. But life forces us to sometimes, and when it does may we not hold on longer for the fear of what life would be like on the other side. After leaving the Great Zimbabwe behind, a new kingdom, Mutapa was built and new houses of stones were built in the areas they went. Maybe this is a lesson in letting go and new beginnings.


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