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The perks of being in a healthy relationship

I used to be single and loving it so much that I was really comfortable with being single and by myself. I’m now in a relationship and I love being in it so much that I feel like I have grown so much. Not that I wasn’t growing when single, but I think if you are in a relationship, a healthy one, there’s some benefits that you also get that makes being in a relationship a worthy pursuit as well… For me these are the benefits I experience being in a healthy, happy relationship;

– You get someone to vent to

Few minutes ago I did vent to him about how I don’t feel Burna Boy’s songs these days (I mean what happened to him after Twice as Tall?) Anyway, no matter how small a thing is, I know I have an ear that will hear me out, laugh with me about the issue but also encourage me and process it with me. I don’t want to compare this with how it was when I was single but it is good to know I’m one text away from someone who can listen to me talk about everything and anything.

– You get to grow and heal in a non judgemental, accepting environment

Let’s be real, we all don’t say what we truly think to everybody. The reason being is we don’t want to be judged or not accepted for being different, so we keep parts of ourselves hidden. Healthy relationships have the ability and the capacity to hold these parts of ourselves safe and allow us to blossom freely while in them. In a healthy relationship, you know that you are always safe, you won’t be judged and you will always be accepted for being the messy human that we all are. And I think that’s beautiful and liberating.

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– You get a cheerleader, someone who supports you

I was reading a post the other day about how people we surround ourselves with tend to raise our self esteem and confidence and even break it sometimes. Imagine you having a very supportive family who always cheers you on, and imagine you have a very distant family that tears you down always, that has an effect on you. Our relationships do too. In a healthy relationship you get a cheerleader, a strong support system that builds you up, a person who also builds your self confidence and self esteem and I think that’s beautiful.

I also think a healthy relationship gives you a space to heal, you know especially if you are traumatized it can not be easy to see trauma or some self defeating ideas that you have about yourself if you just don’t show them to people you associate with, and especially if it is trauma or an unhealthy way to live or respond you might not see the need to deal with it or change until you see that it is hurting someone that you love. So a healthy relationship also gives you a platform to unlearn and have difficult conversation or be vulnerable in a way that you wouldn’t have been and taking responsibility to change and unlearn some of the unhealthy habits, beliefs and traits that you have.

Those are the perks of being in a healthy relationship that I could think of, what about you, what have you found to be the benefits of being in a healthy relationship?

2 thoughts on “The perks of being in a healthy relationship

  1. Omadang

    The point, “You get a cheerleader, someone who supports you…” has remained ingrained in my heart. This particular point is really true and on point! Support in a healthy relationship can take you miles, I’m still smiling.

    1. Eunice Tossy

      True… I love that you said it takes you miles, it really boosts you so much. Thank you for reading

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