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Things I’ve learned from Korean movies

I used to watch Korean movies a lot when I was in college, mostly series but also I have watched couple of movies. I love that their movie industry is going global right now, as a believer and a lover of diversity and uniqueness, I find this to be real progress. It shows that we are all creative and we all have something unique to bring to the table not just America you know, and I think that’s beautiful. Anyway here are the things I have learned from watching Korean films;

So many people are ‘fake happy’

I feel like this is a repeating theme in most of Korean films, i think this and life struggles. Which is what happens in the real life so I really commend Korean movies for being realistic in that area.

You are either too weak your boyfriend drags you or too strong you are a super hero, there’s no middle ground to being a woman

It seems women in Korean movies are either too weak, everything bad happens to them and they can’t even defend themselves and wait for their love interest to do so, or they are superwomen with super power.

The family can pay you to leave their son

Especially if you are coming from a lower class, the guy’s family can pay you to leave their son so that he can date someone from the same class but these girls choose to leave for free and not take the money… What would you have done if this happened to you? And it is a recurring theme in many series, maybe it is something that happens a lot in Korean culture?

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As a woman there is a man somewhere with a sole purpose of saving you and protecting you

Since people can slap you and you can’t even cover your face, don’t worry there’s a man, most probably a famous or rich one who will come from behind you and hold the hand of the woman who wants to slap you before it lands on your cheek. He will always be there, but for the times he isn’t life will be hell for you, and you will cry wishing he was there cause you literally can’t do anything.

People marry because of business or because you will get inheritance if you marry someone from a powerful family

Also don’t forget in that family they hate each other because of inheritance and wanting to be the CEO of the business otherwise if you are rich, your family have planned who you should marry for business interests even if you don’t want to. The good thing is you a rebel though, you don’t care about money at all even though you use the same family money or you may turn out to be someone who is open to inherit anyway even though your brother could have been a better CEO than you. Also always remember that you family can and may betray you but your dad knows who will betray who except he is sick, like literally lying on a hospital bed.

Also remember too much ambition is bad you might even conspire to kill your brother just so you can inherit the company.

Those who are not loved well by the protagonist end up to be the villains

Since in Korean movies women fight to get a man’s attention (usually the protagonist) and the fight is between one woman who is rich and unloved and another one who is poor and truly loved, the rich one who has the family support ends up being the villain. This theme is also similar in Filipino movies but anyway another theme is apart from killing people in wars and etc, it is women who are evil in day to day lives and they just happen to drag innocent men along.

By the way, here are things I have learned from Nigerian movies, and here are things I have learned from Filipino movies and lastly these are the things I’ve learned from American movies… What have you learned from Korean films you have watched?

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