Pata majibu ya maswali yote uliyonayo kuhusu maisha ya chuo na changamoto zake

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9 Things to do after graduating

Ume graduate?? Hongera.
Now that haupo chuo, kuna sense of freedom and fear at the same time.
-Freedom kwasababu umeachana na ratiba, mitihani na masomo…
-Fear kwasababu umeachana na ratiba, mitihani na masomo. Ironic, I know.
Nijichukulie mfano mimi, toka nianze shule miaka 20 iliyopita sijawahi pumzika, nimeinvest 20+ of my life in school, in that order, in that timetable.
I study prepare for exams, wait for results and prepare for the next year of study, ni hiyohiyo routine for 20 years and mara paap nimemaliza, nimeachana na hiyo routine….There must be some fear with leaving the common way of life, miaka yote hiyo nilishazoea hiyo routine now nimeiacha.

Truth be told kabla ya kugraduate ilikuwa inajulikana wewe ni mwanafunzi and nothing was expected of you in this life, but now that you don’t have that identity anymore, what are you to do about this new identity?

 Well, here are things that I am still practicing as I am also navigating from the “fixed timetable” lifestyle to the real world:
       Create a separate email for applications
If you are applying for jobs or education opportunities, I advise to create a separate email, if you are anything like me then you have email addresses that have weird names like ( (That tells the whole world that you love food).
It’s hard kwa watu kukuchukulia serious with an email address like that, but sio tu kwa hiyo reason ila pia I have another email address ambayo nimekuwa naitumia since high school, and I have subscribed myself to so many things that I am so shocked by the number of emails I receive, so far nina laki + email hazijasomwa, it will be so hard for me to be updated kama nimejibiwa opportunities nilizoapply with all those emails, and so I created a different one just for applications. I call that my serious email address. For me to look office ready.

Create LinkedIn account

LinkedIn is the Instagram for professionals, it is an app that connects job seekers with job providers. Create a profile and write your presentable experience and be ready to apply for jobs posted there. Also let’s connect on LinkedIn.

      Take online free courses and other short courses opportunities zinazotangazwa
Kuna a lot of website ambazo zinatoa free education on different courses ambazo zitakuongezea kwenye cv, if you are anything like many people your cv itakuwa tu na form four, form cv, na university.. but you can take short courses from Saylor, Acumen, Yali, Philanthropy University and other platforms. Ili kunenepesha cv yako.
Well, this one is hard to talk about.
Kwasababu ya kumaliza chuo na kutokuwa na boom it is hard for someone kufanya for free, and it seems many places hazitoi hata nauli, so I don’t know what to say.I personally wish mtu angeniadvice kuweka hela ya boom kwenye account, hata kila mwezi 50,000. Ili nikimaliza chuo niitumie hata nauli on internships tofauti but nobody did na sikuwa na wisdom hiyo until now.But still I can’t stress enough on the importance of internships in your CV, give it hata a year ya kujitolea kugain experience.

I know tunapomaliza chuo we want money, but the experience is more valuable than the money you think you need. After all, life is all about experiences, and our God shall supply all our needs according to His riches, and He will never fail us.

      Read books to give you hope
Here are some of the books that have helped me.I think reading or hearing it from someone that has been there is good, it is why we have mentors or listen from advices of watu waliotutangulia.

Even though we are unique and different, our stories are not. What we are going through is not unique or different, waliotangulia before us they have felt the same, when they wore these shoes so read. To receive hope, to know that it is possible, to stop worrying and to remember it won’t last forever.

       Evaluate yourself what you want
     A book that can help the best is Jenny Blake- Life after College. I believe you can use this free time to know yourself more, kutengeneza standards by which your life will be led by. To have values. To figure yourself out. What kind of a job do you want, do you want to keep on studying, start business and etc. don’t just watch movies, make this season productive,by doing mental and emotional work on yourself.
      Hang out with friends/ build frendships
We all agree, hii season inaweza kuwa ngumu. so hang out with friends.And hakuna kipindi kizuri cha kutengeneza marafiki au kujua marafiki wa kweli kama ukiwa in hard times, so work on friendships, build friendships. With your neighbours, with those around you and etc. After you get a job, you might not get freer time than this.
      Work out and observe life more
Be thankful of this hard season, in every season live well as the one who has been called to pass through that season.
Work out, observe the sky, the sun, the moon, just live life more.At last unadiscover kwamba life is more than just being a student, and that your identity or calling is more than just being a student.Being a student, having a job or any other thing that the world relies our identity on, doesn’t really have to be our source of our self esteem.


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