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6 tips that will help you manage time well

My mom always says I love working on my own timetable. It is kinda true. As I get to act ‘professional’, I start to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around me, and so I need to respect other people’s time. And that you will never get a minute back once you loose it.


Some say, ‘we have a lot to do but little time to do them’.

Some say, ‘There is no hurry in Africa’.

Despite it all, we are too old to know that days are going so fast..

This is a post that my brother Paul Kiwaga asked me to write about…. Time management. And yes you can actually tell me which topic you would love me write about, and I can write about it.. (Tell me by commenting them, or email: /

Here are the 6 effective time management tips

1. Scheduling | Setting a list of what you want to accomplish in a day

Prepare a schedule or a timetable of what you would love to accomplish in a day. Most times we feel that we are wasting time when we think of our day and see that we didn’t accomplish anything that we think is valuable. Setting a timetable early in the morning gives us an opportunity to see what we have accomplished, and feel productive in turn.

2. Prioritizing

There is a difference between what is urgent and what is important. It is important to figure what is urgent and important in your task and start with the one that matters. Sometimes something can look urgent but it is something that can wait or is of no importance in your goals or long term plans. Choose what adds value more than that which can wait.

3. Set an alarm

I sometimes set an alarm for tasks that I take. And work in between the time that I have set. And I addition to that do not snooze your alarm, whether the morning alarm

4. Reduce distractions by learning how to say NO.

Sometimes all you need to do is say NO. To friends, or somethings that should not have your time..

5. Learn how to beat procrastination

If it is by giving yourself a pep talk, or by doing what you love before an activity or anything.. Always do what you intended to do at the exact time you intended to do it. And always point procrastination out, in this way you don’t feel bad about not doing a thing, because you knew when you were not doing it.

6. Pray before doing an activity.

Give God your days.

This article can be helpful in helping you distinguish the urgent and the important..

And let’s learn together to manage our time well… And make our days count!


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