Pata majibu ya maswali yote uliyonayo kuhusu maisha ya chuo na changamoto zake

Dondoo za Maisha,  Maisha ya Chuo

Study tips for when you are preparing for end of semester exams

(Tembelea kupata makala, dondoo na msaada kuhusu chuo kutoka kwa waliomaliza vyuo)


Semester exams are so stressful and we can all agree that this is the time that you face so much pressure but also regret, as in you start judging yourself for all the months you didn’t study, and promise yourself that next semester you will do better.

But we both know its just stress, fear and pressure that makes you feel that way.

Anyway I know your busy and don’t have time to read all of my words, so am gonna be brief, here are the studying tips for you in this season:

– Pray before studying

– Keep your phone away and all the distractions ( this is the time you put your movies and seasons in the recicyle bin and take a break from social media, your time is limited now)

– Take notes (this helps you to remember easily what you have studied)

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– Plan for topics to study and what you would love to cover more than studying in terms of time (this is the season where you push yourself to finish those topics)

– GPA, focus more on subjects with higher credits, be very strategic

– Know when you understand easily and faster and so study the difficult subjects then. (I understand faster at night, what about you?)

– Discussion (but only with one person, this can be like you are teaching/ explaining to he/she what you studied, helps in memorizing well)

– Sleep well and after exams don’t check to see if what you answered is right or wrong.

One last thing, be confident, when you remember something in an exam room do not second guess yourself and also please don’t cheat in an exam room.

All the best in your exams!

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