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How to take care of yourself during UE time

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Heeey, its UE time..

Here is how you can take care of yourself during this busy time..

Drink plenty of water (stay hydrated)

Take breaks in between studying (Take a walk or go talk to a friend.)

Pray before studying for God’s direction of where to study

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Set a timetable of when to study, what to study, when to eat and etc.

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After an exam, rest (sleep).. Especially if the next exam is on the next day

Prepare the clothes that you will put on the next day, or even the whole week before the week starts.

Don’t skip meals (You can also have a snack while studying)

Don’t check out the answers to see if you passed that question (this will just frustrate you sometimes)

Remember that your grades don’t define you and that God is with you

Remember Psalms 119:99 and write it down somewhere.

Take a break from social media during this time/season. So that you can have plenty of time for studying, undistracted.

Download this playlist – To rise your faith when you are studying.

Don’t worry, God’s got you

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Call home, don’t isolate yourself

Study with your friends, they have a different insight as well and solve past papers.


Don’t forget to laugh and have fun

Cry if you want to, rest if you feel like too even if others are studying at that time

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Don’t feel the pressure to study when others are studying, stay on your lane, move with your own pace and focus on your own timetable.

I know you are warrior, You will make it


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