Heeey, its UE time..

Here is how you can take care of yourself during this busy time..

  • Drink plenty of water (stay hydrated)
  • Take breaks in between studying (Take a walk or go talk to a friend.)
  • Pray before studying for God’s direction of where to study
  • Set a timetable of when to study, what to study, when to eat and etc.
Angalia hii video kupata dondoo za kusoma bila stress kipindi cha mitihani
  • After an exam, rest (sleep).. Especially if the next exam is on the next day
  • Prepare the clothes that you will put on the next day, or even the whole week before the week starts.
  • Don’t skip meals (You can also have a snack while studying)
  • Don’t check out the answers to see if you passed that question (this will just frustrate you sometimes)
  • Remember that your grades don’t define you and that God is with you
  • Take a break from social media during this time/season. So that you can have plenty of time for studying, undistracted. If you haven’t follow Maisha ya Chuo on Instagram, click here to do so.

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  • Call home, don’t isolate yourself
  • Study with your friends, they have a different insight as well and solve past papers.
  • Don’t forget to laugh and have fun
  • Cry if you want to, rest if you feel like too even if others are studying at that time

I know you are warrior, You will make it. Also don’t worry, God’s got you


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