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Here’s why young Africans are leaving religion : Munyiri’s story

For the first 17 years I was a devout Catholic. My parents are devout Catholics. My mother’s parents are Protestants so she was raised Protestant until she married my Catholic father. My father’s father was never a Christian. He  was a spiritualist in the African fashion. In fact, some of his children(my aunts), came to him one day and told him how they’ve joined the Christian group. He beat them and told them to say that they pledge to leave that religion. But Christianity reigned. So my dad’s generation adopted Christianity.

When i was young i went through the process of indoctrination, at some point i used to teach others how to recite the prayers. At high school, my older brother was influenced very much by science and, when talking to him about things, he would subtly instil scientific thoughts in me that made me an atheist. I think he once told me that if you can’t see something then you can’t prove it, but he never said that in relation to a God. My mind just connected that the logic could be used with relation to the God concept. So slowly i began the journey.

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I even stopped praying and i would sleep heavily during the school masses that were forced upon us. I also stopped going to church like my older brother. I also loved history and looked up onto people like Gaddafi who were said to be freeing Africa.

After high school, i was exposed to a lot of Afrocentric content that made me value our own spiritual systems even more. At this point, i analyzed Christianity well and saw the effect it has upon Africans. The books ‘An introduction to African Religions’ by Jacob Olupona and ‘Things Fall Apart’ by Chinua Achebe and  also helped me to understand the situation better. After reading these books, and experience the so-called religious Africans, i came to the conclusion that fear is the thing that keeps religious Africans within the confines of Christianity, which is a religion of white supremacy.

Munyiri Karobia

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