Pata majibu ya maswali yote uliyonayo kuhusu maisha ya chuo na changamoto zake

Maisha ya kila siku

Why are we so eager to know what our future looks like?

I sometimes lie awake in bed thinking about what tomorrow holds or where I will end up in life! These thoughts not only keep me awake but do the same for a lot of today’s young adults. We are all eager to know what the future holds. To grasp some kind of control over the unknown, many of us turn to daily horoscopes, tarot card readings and psychic consultations. Why are we so eager to know about our future?

The truth is that it isn’t just us that are obsessed with trying to figure out what the future holds, great kings and queens have hired fortune-tellers and oracles to decipher their futures. This obsession is mainly caused by a lack of belief that our lives are always progressing and the fear that we may repeat the same mistakes. Professor Marshall E. Gass states that we seek to know the future as that is our only beacon of hope; the future serves as a solution to our past and we believe knowledge of the future can better prepare us for it.

People who have visited fortune-tellers, prophets, psychics or any other future prediction mediums have claimed that most of the information they get about their future has come to fruition. This further catalyzes our need to have someone predict our futures for us. This made perfect sense to me; you get information about the future, it comes to fruition and you feel satisfied knowing your life is on track. Then one day while watching the season finale of “The Good place” I heard the phrase
“True Joy is in the Mystery.” Which got me thinking if we know everything that will happen in the future won’t that kill the whole excitement about the future?

We are always eager to find out what the future holds but we often forget that thrill comes from unpredictability. Imagine knowing what will happen to you tomorrow, next week, next month, next year what will be the point of living?

One thing we don’t take into account when visiting fortune tellers is that what if our future predictions are not something we like? The truth is that we are going to have ups and downs in life. Our life purposes are always birthed at some of the lowest points in our lives. Take this scenario, for example, you go to a fortune-teller and they deduct that your life purpose is to be a doctor. Life of a doctor is not something you envisioned yourself doing but since the fortune-teller told you this is what you need to do so you do it. However, once you graduate from medical school you feel disconnected from your profession. You take a sabbatical. One day you get a call from a family member that your mom has passed away due to medical negligence. The pain of losing someone so dear to you, to medical negligence reignites your passion for the medical field. The purpose of you being a doctor was for you to prevent what happened to you from happening to anyone else.

The moral of the story is that we may find out what our future holds but our journey will always be what gives our lives meaning. Therefore, true Joy is in the mystery.

David is a Malawian creative, tech enthusiast and a start-up founder. When he is not traveling and solving problems, he likes to critically think about things and watch movie analysis. He’s also a co-founder of Pushing 20s magazine.

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