“We are all missionaries, and every unbeliever is a mission field”.. That was the word that got me fired up and excited to go evangelize in my city, and to my neighbors. That was Sunday..

“I can’t do this”. That was Monday.

-These people know me too well.

I just don’t have a testimony.

-Christianity is a Sunday job, like I have to be perfect only on Sundays, other days let me just be ‘me’.

-I hate these people

-I have acted crazily in front of these people, I feel shy and they won’t believe me anyway.

-What will they think of me??

-I am still learning, I don’t know the Gospel well.

-I just don’t want the relationship to change

-What if they don’t become Christians and our relationship gets awkward??

-I’ l have to live with them after all this.

-You know how she/he is, I don’t think she/he will accept Jesus

-I don’t think God ‘loves’ him/her.

Do you have any other reasons that you think makes it hard for you to evangelize to your neighbors?? Mine are these.


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4 thoughts on “Why it’s so hard to evangelize to our neighbors..

  1. Thinking tank

    Sometimes its just we are not raised that way to our families but our actions may be a great Evangelical testimony to our neighbors

    1. Eunice Tossy

      That makes so much sense.

      However Jesus told us to go and tell people about Him, regardless of how we were raised you know

  2. blessedmortal

    I love how brief but real this is!

    1. Eunice Tossy

      Thank you so much dear.

      Thank you for reading!!

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