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Working out to lose weight is self love

I personally think the body positivity movement is confusing. And for the longest time it has slowed my progress. When one is bombarded daily with messages that tell you to love your body just the way you are, one is deemed to feel guilty if they want to change it, and that’s what I have struggled with for sometime.

I love my body, I am grateful for my body, but I don’t think always being tired and losing my breath after walking for five minutes and accepting that as my way of life is self love, if anything it makes me feel ashamed and makes me feel bad about myself.

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I genuinely think I’m at a place in my life where I love me, the way I am, I’m grateful for my body, very confident in my looks but I still want to lose weight. And I’m going to because I love myself enough to know that my body needs movement, an active life is good for me and honestly I don’t think throwing around #bodypositivity is for me if deep inside I really feel like losing weight.

To be honest I have gone back and forth about wanting to accept myself the way I am and wanting to lose weight. Like if I decide to be more active and workout, is that not accepting my body for what she is? Is that not self love? Does that mean I’m not body positive? If I decided to stay the way I am and feeling miserable by always desiring to wear a certain cloth and not being able to put it on because it doesn’t fit me anymore, does that mean I have accepted myself? Does that mean I’m body positive? Yes I can buy new clothes, but also yes I can decide to workout. Both are okay

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I believe there should be no shame or guilt surrounding what you decide to do with your body, and if you decide to lose weight you should also not feel guilty because of what an external voice tells you. Deciding to lose weight is also self love, as long as it is a decision done by considering about what you want, what you desire, what you love and what you think is best for you.

I genuinely don’t believe in exercising from a place of hate, I feel like I’m in no place to speak on the subject because I have always felt like I genuinely love my body and accept her, I believe that exercise is not a punishment, it is moving your body and releasing negative energy and sweats which is good for you and it makes you feel good after the exercise and in the long run it makes you feel good about you, so with that being said do what you think is best for you, all in self love.


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  • Onyinye Udeh

    If you love your body, you’ll want to keep it healthy and if exercise is healthy living then, exercising is love for your body!

  • Dels

    Thank you for sharing. I think many people become confused by the definition and point of body positivity. Body positivity pushes for the acceptance of all bodies. It is encouraging us all to love our bodies the way they are at the present moment. It also encourages people to do what they want with their bodies, to do what is best for yourself. There are other movements that will fall into you accepting your body but still wanting to change it. For example body confidence, body acceptance etc. The problem also is people throw around the term body positivity without knowing its real definition. At the end of the day we want to have a healthy relationship with our bodies and so that means doing what’s best for you. Body positivity from my knowledge does not advocate for weight loss.

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