Pata majibu ya maswali yote uliyonayo kuhusu maisha ya chuo na changamoto zake


Why I write

I always imagine my reader as a bored college student on a weekend who is looking for some life tips, wisdom and blogs about how weird life is, because that’s how I started my blog.

I was a bored college student looking for some life tips, wisdom and searching for blogs that spoke about issues going on in our lives openly because i learned (the hard way) that people don’t like to talk about real life issues, they love to put on a face and i have tried to adapt but I can’t.

So i started this blog.

° I write because i notice things in the world, and i need a place (not my journal) to write about them and connect with some weird people who notice things as well.

° I write because I feel like somethings need to be said and I don’t have a platform to say them, so why not create one?

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° I write because it is therapeutic to me, and i know this is not right but i always feel heard or seen when someone else says me too to my posts, its like validating that i am human and my struggles are not mine alone. Weird, i know.

° I write to share some tips for university students that can help them navigate life in college because this girl graduated and somehow she thinks she can solve all the problems college students face (but hey, been through a lot of trouble when i was in college,so).

° I write because i love to have opinions for myself, in a world where people follow influencer’s opinions, i love to have my own and let it be known, hence i created a blog.

° I write because i have always loved writing, i love putting my feelings in words and writing is easier than speaking what i feel out loud.

° I write because i get to encourage people, give hope and tell them that they are not alone because it’s true we are all connected and affecting each other’s paths.

° I write because i have a voice, and writing empowers that.

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°I write because i want to create contents that i was longing for on that boring weekend when i decided to start my blog and i believe i can bring them to life because i was the one who was searching for them.

° I write because i live life and learn things, and why not share my mistakes and life lessons with the world?

Last but not least I write because I have you my beautiful reader, and i love creating contents for you. I love hearing your feedback and knowing what you think about different stuffs as well, its like we are having a conversation, see, we are finally talking about issues we are told to shy away from.



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